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(Himalayan) Mustang Bowl / Yoga Bowl / Self-healing ~ Handmade ~ NEW CREATION


Mustang bowls / Yoga bowls with mallet stick, wooden stick and pillow.

Available in medium sizes only:

Weight: 650 gram to 1 kg (1.5 lbs 2.4 lbs)

Diameter: 16 cm to 20 cm (6.3 - 7.8 inches)


Product Description

NAMASTE & Welcome to our professional online shop: ‘Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs’.





MORE AFFORDABLE BOWL WITH GOOD QUALITY OF SOUND   –  with mallet stick, drum Stick and cushion.




This type of bowl was created in the last 2 years with the global changes, to support those who can’t afford the Full Moon Bowls. They are light-weight, around 700 grams to 1.1 kg, and easy to hold in the hand. They are designed mainly for Yoga teachers, to use in their classes, for Self-healing and mediation.

We keep a very high quality of healing sounds bowls, using all our expertise and knowledge of a few generations with creating the best sound healing bowls.


Mustang bowls / Yoga bowls are available in medium sizes:

Weight: 650 gram to 1 kg (1.5 lbs 2.4 lbs)

Diameter: 16 cm to 20 cm (6.3 – 7.8 inches) 



We have bowls from all the scales of notes with a definite pitch.  A / B / C / D / E / F / G

NOTICE: In this type of bowl we don’t have always all the notes so PLEASE choose 2-3 options of notes  >>>  flexibility is appreciated   >>>  message us your choice

Message us if you like to hear the sound of the bowl that we choose for you, before the shipping!


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Namaste & Welcome to our professional Full Moon Singing Bowls online shop: ‘Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs’!

‘Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs’ is an exclusive shop for handmade Singing Bowls with a unique and high-quality sound. You have reached the digital platform where you can find the best quality Singing bowls for therapy, healing, meditation, playing music, and even just as a decorative item for the house.

Here we specialize in Full Moon Singing Bowls that were made on full moon nights in the Himalayas of Nepal, in order to achieve a high-energy quality of sound tuned to music notes! Each bowl takes five to six months to make, working on making the bowl only a full moon night of each month.

Healers, body therapists, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, music therapists from university music departments, musicians, and those who use meditation regularly, have been exploring and working with these wonderful celestial vibrating sounds.



About the Singing bowls in General

The singing bowls originated in the pre-Buddhist Shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal, and India. The bowl culture seems to date back to the Bronze Age in China some 3000 years ago.

Singing bowls vibrate to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency and usually two audible harmonic overtones and can vibrate five individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency, and can sustain a vibration for literally a few minutes.

Some sources state that the bowls are made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets:


GOLD – Sun,  MERCURY – Mercury,  IRON – Mars,  LEAD – Saturn,  SILVER – Moon,   COPPER – Venus,  TIN – Jupiter


The Singing bowl as an Old Tradition

One has to understand the deeper underlying meaning because in Tibetan culture, not only were they used to eat out, but they used as ritual offerings to their Gods and Deities, hence the sound had to be pure and universal for it to be worthy as an offering to the highest order. Some accounts say that it is forbidden even within the monasteries to talk about the bowls, and the highest Lamas used them in rituals to travel to other dimensions and other worlds…

The legends say that the secrets of sound yield so much power that they must be kept hidden. We do know that the act of listening to the sound of the singing bowls stops one internal dialogue making the bowls an excellent tool for meditation.


 The Singing bowl as a Therapy Tool

They are used by healers to tone and balance the energy body field. The sound and feel of a large singing bowl vibrating on one’s chest or abdomen are transmitted via the skeletal system throughout the entire body. Singing bowls are used in health care by sound healers, psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer specialists, and stress and meditation specialists. They are used to help treat cancer patients and also for post-traumatic stress disorder. They are popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students’ attention. The bowls are useful for balancing Body Chakra (energy points) helping to lead a better, prosperous and healthy life.


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How to play the Singing Bowl

Hold the bowl with your palm (place open fingers hand under the bowl) and rotate the wooden striker firmly around the edge of the bowl with even pressure and uniform speed to produce vibration/sound.
Vibration and sound can be produced also by just striking (‘gonging’) the bowl with the striker.


Bowl Maintenance

You should strike your bowls once a day to keep them tuned. Cleaning as required using pure LEMON juice, water, and cotton cloth.


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