Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs
Specialist in Full Moon Singing Bowls... the original makers and creators

Flat Etching Gong from the Himalaya – with special mallet stick!


We are Specialists in Full Moon Singing Bowls... We are the ORIGINAL makers and creators of those special sound healing bowls and gongs, from Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Flat Etching Gong for meditation, therapy, yoga, healing, music and so much more...

Weight: 3 kg up to 4.5 kg / 6.6-9.9lbs

Diameter: 35 cm up to 50 cm / 13.5-20 inch


Product Description

NAMASTE & Welcome to our professional online shop: ‘Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs’.

We are the ORIGINAL makers and creators of the Full Moon Bowls, special sound healing bowls and Gongs, from Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.


Good quality sound of ‘Flat Etching Gong’ with special mallet stick!

Weight: 3 kg up to 4.5 kg / 6.6-9.9lbs

Diameter: 35 cm to 50 cm / 13.5-20 inch



  • We will choose you Gong according to the availability of sizes and notes with your confirmation.
  • We can send a sound file of your selected Gong before sending it, for you to confirm.
  • Notice that the is Gong is not available with all notes and sizes.

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NAMASTE & Welcome to our professional Full Moon Singing Bowl Shop!


Full Moon Singing Bowl Shop is an exclusive shop for handmade Singing Bowls and Gongs with a very unique sound! The best quality Singing Bowls and Gongs for therapy, healing, meditation, playing music and even just as a decorative item for the house !

Healers, therapists, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, musicians, music therapists, therapists and meditators have been exploring and working with these wonderful celestial vibrating sounds.

Our Singing bowls and Gongs are chosen carefully by sound testing to ensure the healing properties, either for simply meditation practice base on personal use and for healing purpose.


About Gong in General:

A GONG is an East and South East Asian musical percussion instrument that takes the form of a flat, circular metal disc which is hit with a mallet. It originated in China and later spread to Southeast Asia, and it can also be used in the percussion section of Western symphony orchestra.

Gongs produce two distinct types of sound. A gong with a substantially flat surface vibrates in multiple modes, giving a “crash” rather than a tuned note. This category of gong is sometimes called a tam-tam to distinguish it from the bossed gongs that give a tuned note.
Gongs vary in diameter from about 20 to 60 inches, and they are made of bronze containing a maximum of 22 parts of tin to 78 of copper, but in many cases the proportion of tin is considerably less. Such an alloy, when cast and allowed to cool slowly, is excessively brittle, but it can be tempered and annealed and in a peculiar manner. If suddenly cooled from a cherry-red heat, the alloy becomes so soft that it can be hammered and worked on the lathe, and afterwards it may be hardened by re-heating and cooling it slowly. In these properties it will be observed, the alloy behaves in a manner exactly opposite to steel, and the Nepalese and Chinese avail themselves of the known peculiarities for preparing the thin sheets of which gongs are made. They cool their castings of bronze in water, and after hammering out the alloy in the soft state, harden the finished gongs by heating them to a cherry-red and allowing them to cool slowly. These properties of the alloy long remained a secret, said to have been first discovered in Europe by Jean Pierre Joseph d’Arcet at the beginning of the 19th century.

The composition of the alloy of bronze used for making gongs is stated to be as follows: Copper, 76.52; Tin, 22.43; Lead, 0.26; Zinc, 0.23; Iron, 0.81.
The gong is beaten with a round, hard, leather-covered pad, fitted on a short stick or handle. It emits a peculiarly sonorous sound, its complex vibrations bursting into a wave-like succession of tones, sometimes shrill, sometimes deep. It can modify its tone variously by particular ways of striking the disk. In Nepal, China and Japan it is used in religious ceremonies, state processions, marriages and other festivals.


ॐ * * *  * * ॐ * * * *  * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐॐ * * *  * * ॐ * * * *  * ॐ * * * * * ॐ




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