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‘Burmese-Nepali Gong’ 7 metals – with special mallet stick! Custom Order


Burmese-Nepali Gong - 7 metals (same metals as the Full Moon Bowls)

Gong Fees: 160$ per kg (we calculate fees by the weight)

Gongs available from 3 kg up to 45 kg.

Each Gong comes with a special mallet stick!


Product Description

NAMASTE & Welcome to our professional online shop: ‘Himalayan Sound Therapy Bowls & Gongs’.




We are the ORIGINAL makers and creators of the Full Moon Bowls, special sound healing bowls, from Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

We offering this best quality sound of Burmese-Nepali Gong.



Burmese-Nepali Gong –  7 metals

with a special mallet stick! 

160$ per kg



Burmese-Nepali Gong available from 3 kg up to 45 kg


In the last few years we developed a special techniqe to produced deep sound Gongs, as the sound of the Gongs in the monasteries.  We produce those Burmese gongs collaboration with Burma (Myanmar) with the Nepalese techniqe knowledge.

As the Full Moon Singing Bowls, the Burmese-Nepali Gong made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets:

Gold-Sun, Silver-Moon, Mercury-Mercury, Copper – Venus, Iron-Mars, Tin-Jupiter, Lead-Saturn.


Please listen to Burmese-Nepali Gongs with different sizes and notes on our SoundCloud:




  • Please choose the weight and diameter of a preferred Gong and we will calculate fees, we calculate fees per kg: 160$ per kg
  • We will choose you Burmese-Nepali Gong according to the availability of sizes and notes with your confirmation.
  • We can send a sound file of your selected Gong before sending it, for you to confirm.
  • Notice that the is Gong is not available with all notes and sizes.



ॐ * * *  * * ॐ * * * *  * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * *  * * ॐ * * * *  * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐ * * * * * ॐ



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May these Gongs will bring you

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Sound Blessing from

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Mira & Santa

Workshop Team


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