Namaste! One and All ♥

My name is Mira (Mirabell), I have been based in the Himalayas for more than eight years. I am a filmmaker, visual artist, and music-lover! I work with many musicians worldwide.

Together with Santa, my partner, a healer from a Newari family, we manufacture handmade Full Moon Bowl from the Himalayas tuned according to musical notes! Used for therapy, healing, meditation, relaxation, playing music, and as a home decoration!

We are Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers of Singing Bowls and Gongs. We specialize in Full Moon Singing Bowls that were made during full moon nights in the Himalayas of Nepal in order to achieve a high energy quality of sound tuned to musical notes! Due to this special practice, each bowl takes five to six months to make, with handwork on each full moon night.
Healers, therapists, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, music therapists, musicians, and meditators have been exploring and working with these wonderful celestial vibrating sounds.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of Singing Bowl Therapy, courses, sound healing bath, and workshops. We come from 3 generations of singing bowl artisans, continuing our family’s tradition into the art and healing of Singing Bowls. We have promoted, participated, and played the Singing Bowls in many parts of the world. We are giving sound healing courses and therapy training to share all the knowledge that we have developed for all these years. 

During the years of making and working with singing bowls, we developed unique singing bowls with the very special profound sound: Full Moon Singing Bowls. We are very happy to share this hand-made powerful product with you all! And, we are so happy to share therapy sessions and sound therapy ancient knowledge.

We have Full Moon bowls from all the scale of notes with a definite pitch:

A / A# / B / C / C# / D / D # / E / F / F# / G / G#

May these Singing Bowls, Gongs, and Cymbals will bring you

                         ♥ Peace & Happiness ♥

Sound Blessings…

Mira Arad