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By Maite on 14 May, 2024
Una experiencia única en la isla de ibiza Recomendadisima sesión, tanto para residentes como para turistas que quieran disfrutar de la magia del sonido, en plena naturaleza en un entorno bellisimo. La dedicación y dulzura de Mirabell, maestra de ceremonia, hace que todo la sanación sea un hermoso viaje interior...Gracias..
Love & Sound healing
By Nicole on 09 May, 2023
Thank you Mira for this amazing sound journey, it was a beautifull and lovely experiance, i felt verry at peace and harmonised after the session and the next days. I will definitely come back for more sound healings Lots of love & light, Nicky 🙏🥰✨🪐🌍🌈🍀🐞💖
Bowl Vibrations
By Nick on 14 Mar, 2023
Mirabell's nature and her essence are so calming and soothing, which are so needed qualities in this space of Sound Therapy. The sounds that she scuplts during her sessions send me into a trance, I surrender and let the bowls vibrate my inner being to its core. I always feel revitlalised after a sound bath with this magical human being.
Most magical experience
By Anna on 25 Feb, 2023
I had my first sound healing session experience with Mira, and any words used to describe it won't do the magic justice. I have never experienced sound in this way, it's as if I was hearing with my entire being for the first time. The sounds resonated so deeply throughout different layers of my consicousness, accessing places I was unaware of. Apart from the incredible bowl sounds, her gentle, loving and precise presence and timing were so healing. I felt the effects for many days afterwards and am still nourished by this moment outside of time. Thank you from my heart, dear Mirabell! Highly recommend a session to anyone lucky enough to cross her path.
Mirabell Sounds
By Charlotte on 20 Sep, 2022
Mirabell is magic, the sound healing was beautiful and in such a lovely location. I felt a deep release and had profound visual insights throughout the experience. Can highly recommend! Thank you for your work xxx
The Magic Of Mira
By Sara Khan on 07 Sep, 2022
I attended a group class followed by a 1-1 session with Mira. The private session really helped me in my healing journey. Mira has a very calming presence and takes the time to understand where you are in that moment in time and customizes the session accordingly. She looks within you first; understanding you and then moves onto healing. Very special and I did notice a shift within; one that I am desperately trying to hold onto since I have returned to the hustle and bustle of life.
Magic soundhealing experiences
By Hille on 16 Jul, 2022
Feel very grateful to meet Mira on my path of exploring and learning to give sound healing sessions🙏 Experienced a group and a one to one sound bath and both felt unique, authentic, safe, and pure. The combination of intention and sound can have a magical effect which I really felt strongly from both sessions. So I highly recommend to give yourself a soundbath from Mira if you can!
Amazing bowls, amazing vibes
By Maria on 15 Jun, 2022
Thanks Mira for taking us on a beautiful journey and sharing with us magical techniques to use Full moon bowls and heal. The course was very insightful, the small size of the group and the people were great and we got lots of opportunities to pratice and ask questions. I learnt a lot from you. I have been practicing with a lot of joy since then- your course made me feel more confident about using the bowls. I bought 3 full moon bowls from you- they are extremly resonant and have wonderful tone..They have become my best companions.. Thanks again for sharing this knowledge and for supporting us so kindly in choosing these bowls.. Blessing to you and all the amazing nepalese bowl makers...
Full Moon Bowls Sound Healing course
By Ciara on 07 May, 2022
Thank you Mira for a beautiful three days learning these powerful techniques with the Full Moon bowls. I appreciated the small class size as it allowed us to properly practise the techniques and to receive feedback from Mira. I always appreciated Mira's open approach and the gorgeous venue she selected for the course. Thank you Mira again, lots of love x
Awesome bowl and great communication
By Frédéric on 27 Feb, 2022
I’ve just greeted a magnificent ”Full moon” bowl at home. I really love it. The sound is so nice… This is thanks to Mira. She’s amazing. I particularly appreciated her kindness and her professionalism. Not only she recorded for me several sound samples to help me in my choice but her insights and advice were most valuable in my singing bowl quest. Besides, she was very patient with me and I can testify that she is a person of trust. Based on my own experience, it is rare to benefit from such a service elsewhere. I’m very grateful and I recommend https://himalayansoundsingingbowl.com/... and Mira.
Excellent quality
By Ciara on 13 Jan, 2022
Mira was a joy to communicate with and extremely patient in finding me the right 5 bowls to go together and also complement my other 2 bowls. The bowls are extremely resonant and have a wonderful tone, they are the finest singing bowls I've had the pleasure to play. I have used my 2kg bowl in G for sound massages and clients always commented on how powerful it is. Thank you for this great work!
Tibetan singing bowls
By Addali on 17 Nov, 2021
very happy to have participated in your wonderful course, my therapies have been transformed since I took your course thanks for the teachings my patients and I are very happy!
Amazing Bowls and service ✨
By Gemma on 17 Nov, 2021
I just want to say the deepest thanks to Mira for being so patient with me and for helping me create the most beautiful full moon bowl chakra set. The bowls are the highest quality and sound divine. I can not wait to share them in my sound sessions. Will be back to order again soon I’m sure ✨
Perfect Sound!
By N. Suzu on 04 Sep, 2021
I had been looking for a good G sound Fullmoon Bowl and Tingsha and I finally found Mira & Himalayan team. They are perfect ! The sounds are so beautiful and strong but tender. The vibration last so long. Mira sincerely responded to my requests, exchanging many mails. Thank you!
By Maura Healy on 10 May, 2021
I have so much gratitude for the incredible Mira who guided me through my first sound healing course. She moved mountains for it to happen for me and I am so truly thankful to her. The bowls are so beautiful to play, the frequency is so powerful from them. Miras support and guidance is so amazing and i had some truly transformative experiences working with the bowls. Thank you so much Mira
Full Moon Bowls Sound Healing Course
By Anna Wall on 27 Apr, 2021
It was an incredible, life changing three days with Mira. Learning the power and magic of the full moon bowls was so amazing, such a powerful healing experience and such a gift to learn how to share this practice. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I’m very excited to put this new knowledge into practice. All my love x
Deeo healing session
By Ushma Prem on 02 Apr, 2021
The best sound healing session I ever had! I felt safe, relax and notice a huge improvement in my health. I highly recommend with Mira. She carries ancient  knowledge with grace and humbleness . Im also super happy with the quality of the singing bowl I got from her.
Tibetan course
By Addali on 23 Mar, 2021
Very happy to have participated in your wonderful course, my therapies have been transformed since I took your course thanks for the teachings my patients and I am very happy!
Truly Amazing Bowls
By Sophie Latter on 12 Feb, 2021
I have a lot of experience with different kinds of Singing Bowls and had high hopes when I found the Full Moon Bowls. I was not disappointed. The bowls are a work of art and the resonance is beautiful. Very high quality. Mira was amazing every step of the way. Thank you so much. x
Singing Bowls
By Jasmine on 14 Jan, 2021
I am happy with selection of bowls that Mira has assembled and handpicked for me and my group of friends. It will not be the last purchased; there will be more. So blessed.
By Malene Lundgaard on 04 Jan, 2021
Perfect and patient selection process. Mira send me many options, before I chose my bowl. A little long dispatch, but I received an AMAZING bowl. Fantastic sound and a very long vibration. I absolutely LOVE it!
Sound Meditation for World Peace
By Barbara Koenig on 15 Dec, 2020
You created so much Magic Dearest Mira. Thank you for the special time we had together ♥ ★
Wonderful workshop
By Hannah on 15 Dec, 2020
Mira is such a great teacher... patient, conscientious, dedicated. It was such a pleasure to be part of her workshop. Thankyou
Crystal mountain
By Abigail on 25 Nov, 2020
Absolutely loved learning the magic with Mira ! How special sound healing is and throughly enjoyed our group and teachings !! Thank you so much I would highly recommend!!!
Sound bowl therapy
By Stef on 24 Oct, 2020
Mira is a wonderful teacher, calm, patient and accommodating in every way. I’m really happy I was able to participate in learning this treatment, I fully felt the benefits from it and highly recommend this course, Many thanks for everything Mira! Big love to you 💕
Deep Relaxation & Mystical Alignment
By Sarah on 31 Aug, 2020
I had the most beautiful experience on my birthday, at sunset, on the beach in Aegina Greece, with Mira. My singing bowl session was DIVINE. During the session I was deeply relaxed and could feel the sound and vibrations from the bowls bringing me into balance. Since the session, my 3rd eye has opened more, I've found meditation comes more easily, I have experienced incredible synchronicity and many, many blessings. Mira is a wonderful soul and spirit-full woman. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to our next reunion.
Great online training session
By Carlos Calvin on 27 Aug, 2020
Great online training session with Mira. She provided clarity to the way i used singing bowls and greatly expanded my knowledge on how to use singing bowls for healing purposes and improving environments I highly recommend a session with Mira. If its not possible to do it in person, the online version is still good enough to deepen into the world of singing bowls
Amaizing Sounds and People
By Anastasia Hargaut on 22 Mar, 2020
Thousand thanks to Mira & co for the such a beautiful bowl with magnificent sound!!! Mira’s support under a longer transportation was over all my expectations. Lots of love and light, bliss and all the blessings to all of you for the spiritual work you do for people in the world 🙏❤️
Beautiful bowl and amazing service
By Ratna on 21 Dec, 2019
Really pleased with the bowl I found the A bowl I was looking for and love it's beautiful overtones and complexity. I cannot thank Mira, Santa and their team enough for their help and support with the bowl 🙏🏾 The service was amazing , they answered all my questions patiently and it arrived very swiftly. Highly recommend purchasing bowls from this lovely team ❤️
Singing Bowl Set
By Scott Derben on 25 Jun, 2019
I worked with Mira over many months to get the set of full moon bowls which I required. His communication is fantastic and was very attentive to my needs. I could not recommend them highly enough. The bowls are beautiful and the longevity of the sustain on the sound is incredible. As a company they reflect the values of integrity and wisdom which emanate from long line of bowl making..
Amazing bowl and great service
By Carlos on 20 Jun, 2019
I just received my dreamt bowl. Mira and her team carefully selected it and they made a great choice Also Mira was very patient as we emailed many times until i received the package I very much recommend this service
spectacular sound and service
By melissa on 15 Jun, 2019
Mira works very hard to make sure you receive exactly what you are looking for. I appreciate her time, attentiveness and dedication to making sure i received the perfect instruments. The full moon bowls, tingshas, and gong are spectacular. so grateful to have found this site, people and instruments!
5 Years of 5 Stars!
By Defscot on 28 Feb, 2019
Best Bowls, Best Service, and Best Energy...I am a customer for life! Thanks again to Mira & Santa& their wonderful staff for all you do for the healing community!
Excellent service
By Ivan on 29 Oct, 2018
Mira was very attentive and patient in helping me to secure the full moon bowl with the note i wanted. Also very responsive and always pleasant to communicate with. A real Joy!!!
Great Service, extremely helpfull and friendly, highly recommended
By Philipp on 06 Oct, 2018
I had not idea about the different kinds of sining bowls. Mira was very helpfull, guided me and made me chose the right one:-) It was a pleasure and might not be the last singing bowl that bought from them... Big compliment and many thanks!
Beyond words
By Michaela Roder on 01 Jun, 2018
Seeing and participating with the singing bowl session at salt spa..david brings me inner peace and calm ..i love and thank you this
One Sound
By David Villada on 08 Nov, 2017
The journey of sound healing has harmonized with the full moon bowls. Powerfull and unique share the love of One Universal Vibration. Cymbals and all bowls. Pure magic !
Pleasure to deal with
By Lenkins from eBay on 03 Mar, 2016
Awesome bowl, exactly as described! Great seller, pleasure to deal with!
Value for money
By Mandasyc from eBay on 03 Mar, 2016
Fast delivery and received in good condition. value for money
The people who run this company are exceptional
By Clara Harden from Etsy on 15 Sep, 2015
This is the second bowl that I have purchased from Full Moon. The people who run this company are exceptional . I can not say enough positive statements about them.They are very concerned that you get exactly what you want, including blessings. The shipping came before expected and in perfect condition. These people will always Shine Brightly in the Universe because they truly care. The sounds that their bowls make are the out come of their intentions.
I love my singing bowl
By Rosa Maria Wong-Heijboer from Etsy on 09 Sep, 2015
I love my singing bowl, the vibration and the tune is powerful (it lingers on and on) and sweet. Mira and her team has walked with me step by step in my journey of choosing the right one and am so glad that the bowl is indeed a heirloom gem. Thank you, Mira, for your advice and the patience you had for me :)))))
The sound is truly amazing!!
By Ashley Boothby from Etsy on 03 Sep, 2015
I was a little bit nervous about getting this without seeing or hearing it... But I also wanted an authentic singing bowl and I am incredibly grateful to have found Mira and Santa. This bowl is stunning just as a piece of art, but... The sound is truly amazing!! It is true and sweet and lovely - an amazing addition to my meditation and yoga practice - and it has quickly become one of my most favorite possessions. I brought it to a singing bowl class and the instructor was blown away by the craftsmanship. I have placed it on my little meditation altar and love it more than words can say. Re: customer service, I received the bowl more quickly than was expected, straight from Nepal!, and it was very carefully packed and arrived perfectly. Mira and Santa were in communication with me about shipping, when it left, tracking it, etc.
Amount of love and caring
By Clara Harden from Etsy on 25 Aug, 2015
The team of people who makes these bowls have the same amount of love and caring, that the bowls is right for you, as you do. They want to get to know you so that you and your bowl are in sink with the Universe. They understood the importance of making a connection with me so that,- that half a world away did not matter. The Full Moon Bowl goes way beyond my expectations and I have many very old bowls in my collection. Shine Brightly My Friends-----P.S. Shipping was excellent.
Came into my life just at the right time
By Alexander Williams from Etsy on 21 Aug, 2015
My first Singing bowl that came into my life just at the right time. I have been on a journey within discovering my vast inner world. This method of meditation is a very powerful device to help override the noise of my chattering mind and bring me deep into the here and now. I am truly thankful for your effort to help re align humanity with the great way. Blessings to you Mira and Santa
Great service.. EXTRAORDINARY products!
By Leslie Meyers from Etsy on 07 Jul, 2015
I found Full Moon Singing Bowls one day while i was searching the internet for a very special solstice birthday present! Not knowing if the gift (this beautiful gong) would make it in time...I reached out to Mira and she responded immediately. Not only did she have the gong in stock (thank goodness) she worked with me diligently to have it shipped in plenty of time for our celebration. The Gong is more beautiful than I could have imagined. And the sounds give me chills thinking about them. Great service...EXTRAORDINARY products. I am referring her to all of my friends.
Arrived on time!
By Dlhilton from Etsy on 20 Jun, 2015
Came well-packaged and arrived on time!
Lovely handcrafted authentic singing bowl with beautiful tone
By Alston Ee from Etsy on 13 Jun, 2015
This is such a lovely handcrafted authentic singing bowl with beautiful tone that goes on for minutes. Such a beauty to behold and a great value piece to keep for generations. Many thanks to the very helpful Mira, for her recommendation and patience in answering all my questions. Fast delivery too. Highly recommended to shop here.
Best bowls!
By Nitroguy from eBay on 03 Mar, 2015
Great ebayer! Wonderful communicator, personal and professional. Best bowls!
Shipped promptly Amazing sound
By Mia Mere from Etsy on 25 Feb, 2015
Shipped promptly Amazing sound Sent me free prayer flags Clear communicators.
These cymbals are amazing!
By Amber Hockey from Etsy on 17 Jan, 2015
These cymbals are amazing! So beautifully crafted and the sound, AMAZING! Great for meditation and guided meditation! Wonderful purchase.
Nice addition to another singing bowl.
By Cath Cuisson from Etsy on 15 Jan, 2015
Nice addition to another singing bowl. Mira is great to work with and shipment is very fast. Thank you again
Very satisfying!
By Pivenmary from Etsy on 14 Jan, 2015
My first purchase at Etsy and so very satisfying! The shop owner Mira helped me to choose suitable tone for headaches therapy and was really friendly and helpful. The order was shipped in time, even faster than I expected. The bowl itself is beautifully crafted: perfectly shaped, with engraved mantra and mandala, mallet, stick and a cushion, everything breathes Nepal. I bought E# and can't get enough of that sound, it is absolutely amazing, very pure. When I'm home, I carry the bowl almost everywhere with me. I will definitely buy a smaller bowl to accompany my E# hopefully soon. Thanks and namaste!
Lovely people, excellent communication HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
By Laura Edwards from Etsy on 10 Jan, 2015
Beautiful bowl, very high quality, heavy weight, thick, you can see it has been crafted with skill with a lovely low long tone that goes on for ages. Very fast delivery, very well packaged. Lovely people, excellent communication HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
They're beyond amazing
By Cheryl from Etsy on 10 Jan, 2015
I bought 2 of these - one for myself and one as a gift. They're beyond amazing. Handcrafted, very very special and a great value for the price. I scoured the internet for weeks - Other vendors seemed too commercial - With Mira and Santa you are getting the real thing - tradition and care in each bowl. I emailed back and forth with Mira for a week. She answered all my questions and helped me choose the right bowl. I already had an inexpensive (machine made) bowl and there's no comparison. My new bowl vibrates so strongly, is responsive, calms me and really has helped to begin and end my day in a beautiful way. This bowl has SOUL!! It's an heirloom investment and a relative bargain for what you're getting. A very unique and special gift. Shipping was only a week with full tracking. Thank You!!!
Mira was a pleasure to work with through the whole process
By Cath Cuisson from Etsy on 05 Jan, 2015
Mira was a pleasure to work with through the whole process...and my sister really liked the full moon bowl that was selected for her. Prompt shipment, very nice quality. Will come back! Namaste !
Surprise gift with shipment!
By Jonnyallen from eBay on 03 Apr, 2014
Seller was conscientious and quick to communicate. Surprise gift with shipment!
Service! 5-Stars
By Defscot from eBay on 03 Apr, 2014
Outstanding singing bowl arrived very quickly-great quality & service! 5-stars!
Great customer service!
By Defscot from eBay on 03 Apr, 2014
Wonderful bowl arrived in perfect shape..thanks Mira for great customer service!
Will buy again!
By Ori Artman from eBay on 03 Dec, 2013
Great deal of solid information! Thanks and will buy again!
Buy with confidence!
By Ori Artman from eBay on 03 Dec, 2013
One of a kind, what I mean these bowls are the real-thing, buy with confidence!
Well wrapped delivery
By Giant Leaper from eBay on 03 Dec, 2013
Such amazing bowls, the best i've ever seen and prompt, well wrapped delivery!
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