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Tingsha Bells are small finger cymbals used in Buddhist religious ceremonies. Traditionally made of bronze, each of the two bells in a set is tuned to the same exact tone, and when clanged together, they produce harmonic overtones that are believed to aid in meditation.
They are commonly used for a sound healing session or for mediations, though they are also still an important religious element in Buddhist services and should be respected as such…

This special handmade Cymbal Bells, Tingsha, are perfect for a healing session together with the Full Moon Bowls. They are specially designed by our healer for mediation and therapy sessions. It’s one of the best qualities handmade cymbles that you can find in the markets.

You are welcome to listen here for sounds of Tingsha Bells:

If you wish to order this cymbles without the carvings (engraving) on it, the cost will be 30$ less (190$).

NOTICE that… it can take us 2 weeks to 4 weeks to produce such cymbles. Contact us here for special requests. Thank you!


May this Tingsha-Cymbals will bring you ♥ PEACE & HAPPINESS ♥




Mira & Santa & Himalayan team