Product Description

Burmese-Nepali Gong –  7 metals, with special Mallet stick!

As the Full Moon Singing Bowls, the Burmese-Nepali Gong made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets:

Gold-Sun, Silver-Moon, Mercury-Mercury, Copper – Venus, Iron-Mars, Tin-Jupiter, Lead-Saturn.

Burmese Gong from 2.5 kg up to 45 kg

Please listen to Burmese-Nepali Gongs with diffrent sizes and notes on our SoundCloud:



  • Please choose the weight and diameter of a preferred Gong and we will calculate fees, we calculate fees per kg: 180$ per kg
  • We will choose you Burmese-Nepali Gong according to the availability of sizes and notes with your confirmation.
  • We can send a sound file of your selected Gong before sending it, for you to confirm.
  • Notice that the is Gong is not available with all notes and sizes.